Main Product Line Care Fusion.

I. Biopsy needles Line: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. The most advanced technology in the world of medicine exploratory. Brands Jamshidi, Temno, Trucut and Achieve, help the surgeons technical or precise cuts and help patients feel less pain. Chiba needle bevel tip for obtaining Pap sucked. Franseen needle tipped edges for samples of fibrous lesions. The depth markings in centimeters help accurate placement of the needle. Luer lock port clear for good visibility during aspiration procedures. The positive skin locking system controls migration front. Echogenic head ultrasound visualization improves. Features include Notch to 20 mm sample. The cutting edge sharp as a scalpel, surgical steel, samples extracted with a clean cut and high quality. The removable stylet provides multiple sampling capability. The thin-walled needle allows for a larger sample.

II. Respiratory product line brand Air Life. It offers all kinds of oxygen and aerosol masks of the highest quality and efficiency to the patient, humidifiers, cannulas, breathing incentives, Venturi kits, nebulizer and the new Verso that allows the patient to clean the tubing line without interrupting the supply of oxygen and even allowing the application of aerosol medications and simultaneously the oxygen supply, although the patient was connected to the humidifier. It is recognized this line of respiratory products among the best in the world.

III. Chloraprep. Anti-septic solution pre-surgical chlorhexidine gluconate 2% and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. It is demonstrated and explained so the New England Journal of Medicine, U.S. medical journal of highest credibility, that not only penetrates Chloraprep the 5 layers of the skin, but maintains the hygiene antiseptic for more hours than any other preparation without causing irritations, allergies and discomfort which often causes povidone iodine. The palicadores for all multiple procedures are proprietary and patent medicines of Care Fusion.

IV. Brushes and sponges for washing pre-Care Surgical Scrub brand Clrexidine gluconate and Providone Iodine (PVP-1).

V. Surgical Shavers: the most innovative surgical quality and protects inhibits skin cuts that lead to infection. Three different blades according to the area of ​​the surgical procedure, skull, abdomen or extremities. In photos or illustrations after hair removal, you can see the lack of irritation where you use the clipper or razor Care Fusion.Se five methods have made pollution study in contrast with shaving with a razor and observed difference between the 3.5% to 1.5% razor and the razor or clipper Care Fusion with Truseell methods, Dellinger, Retanalert, KO and Alexander. The advantages of this type of pre-operative instrument offers the following advantages in contrast to practices that do not use it, which cause: 
 1. Add approximately seven to ten days post-operative hospitalization.Two. Increasing costs to about $ 55 000 MD 3. Raise the risk of mortality from two to eleven times. April. Given the risk of cuts or abrasions when using razors, not surprising that in recent studies show that patients who had a hair cut infection rate statistically significantly lower than patients shaved with manual or electric razors . Another feature of Clipper Care Fusion is that it can be used underwater without any difficulty, which helps cutting smoothness and hygiene.

VI. Line V. Mueller surgical instruments.  The highest quality surgical instrumentation.