Skin Preparation

ChloraPrep® Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation Product Line

The 2% chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% isopropyl alcohol formulation provides rapid-acting and persistent antiseptic activity against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

ChloraPrep applicators promote gentle friction scrub to help the solution penetrate the first five layers of the stratum corneum, where 80% of microorganisms reside. The patented ChloraPrep applicator promotes aseptic technique and reduces the risk of direct hand-to-patient contact, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.3

ChloraPrep Sepp® 0.67 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® Sepp® 0.67 mL Applicator

Sepp® catalog number:
Cat. No. 260449

ChloraPrep Frepp® 1.5 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® Brand Frepp® 1.5 mL Applicator

Frepp® catalog number:
Cat. No. 260299

ChloraPrep Swabstick 1.75 mL (Single) Applicator and 5.25 mL (Triple) Applicator

ChloraPrep® Swabstick

Swabstick catalog numbers:
1.75 mL (Single): Cat No. 260100
5.25 mL (Triple): Cat No. 260103

ChloraPrep 3 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® 3 mL Applicator

3 mL catalog number:
Hi-Lite Orange® Tint: Cat. No. 260415
Clear: Cat. No. 260400

ChloraPrep 10.5 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® 10.5mL Applicator

10.5 mL catalog number:
Hi-Lite Orange® Scrub Teal Tint: Cat. No. 260725
Clear: Cat. No. 260700

ChloraPrep 26 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® 26mL Applicator

26 mL catalog number:
Hi-Lite Orange® Tint Scrub Teal Clear: Cat. No. 260800