The  AirLife™ closed suction system provides safe and simple access to a ventilated patient’s airway. Utilizing the Verso™ airway access adapter, the systems allow procedures and catheter change-outs to be done through a single port without ever disconnecting the circuit.
Safe, continuous ventilation throughout these changes are assured through Pucker™ Valve technology, which seals the patient’s airway from the access port. It is available in neonatal/infant and adult/pediatric sizes.

Advancing closed suction technology to reduce the occurrence of lung derecruitment.

The AirLife™ closed suction system features the Verso™ airway access adapter and its revolutionary Pucker™ Valve technology that seals the patient’s airway from the access port to maintain safe, continuous ventilation while you perform airway access procedures

Connecting ventilator product solutions to help improve patient care.

The system is comprised of modular components to help keep each patient—neonatal, pediatric and adult—safer than they would be when using traditional closed-suction catheters.

Empowering clinicians with versatile products that help improve workflow.

The Verso™ adapter is placed in-line when setting up the ventilator circuit, so you can perform closed suction catheter change-outs and various airway access procedures through a single port without ever disconnecting the circuit.

Reducing costs through innovative ideas.

With the  AirLife™ closed suction system, you can keep the adapter in-line when changing out the catheter, reducing the need to purchase and carry additional inventory.

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AirLife™ Prefilled Nebulizer Kits and Heaters
Our prefilled nebulizers provide performance and ease of use. You can obtain heated and cool high-output aerosols adjustable from 28% to 100% FiO2. We offer a wide selection of solutions: sterile water for inhalation; USP; 0.45% sodium chloride for inhalation, USP; and 0.9% sodium chloride for inhalation, USP. Easy setup includes an aluminum heat exchange system and external slip-on heater (sold separately), which heats the aerosol while reducing the possibility of contamination.

AirLife™ High-Flow Nebulizer Adapter and Pegasus Heater
The AirLife™ High-Flow Nebulizer Adapter helps you easily deliver fully saturated oxygen therapy while controlling dilution ratios. With clear graphics on the dial, you accurately set flow rates to meet the inspiratory demands for a wide range of patients. The Pegasus Nebulizer Heater is a full-platen heater capable of generating high patient end temperatures. With temperature control, you can easily maximize patient comfort. Easy to set up and clean, it also helps streamline operations.

AirLife™ Brand Misty Max 10™ Disposable Nebulizers
Our AirLife™ brand Misty Max 10™ disposable nebulizers deliver fast and effective treatment to a wide range of patients. They feature a one-piece jet design that delivers high output rates, resulting in faster treatment times and consistent medication delivery. A full 10 cc capacity provides medication dosing flexibility. The antispill design helps prevent medication waste and allows the unit to be used at an angle to accommodate various patient positions.
Nebulizer with bacteria filter 002450 provides protection and convenience through its utilization of a reservoir and one-way valves for administration of medicated aerosol. The aerosol is contained within the nebulizer system instead of freely flowing into the surrounding air.
The chart below provides the in vitro performance characteristics of the AirLife™ brand Misty Max 10™ nebulizer. In vitro measurements will help guide the end user as to the likelihood of effective delivery of inhaled medication to the lower respiratory tract.

Sidestream® High-Efficiency Nebulizers
These Sidestream® nebulizers are designed to provide maximum aerosol quality and respirable output for any nebulizer treatment with a fast treatment time. Each of these high-efficiency nebulizers is supplied with 7′ (84″) tubing and a vent seal adapter for use with
your ventilator applications.

Sidestream Plus Breath-Enhanced Nebulizer
(Philips Respironics) SideStream Plus breath-enhanced nebulizer features an easy-action inspiratory valve that opens on inspiration to boost medication delivery and closes on exhalation, preserving medication and reducing waste. Significantly less pressure is required
to open the inspiratory valve compared to other breath-enhanced nebulizers. And there’s no need to remove the valve when using a mask, making treatments easier for pediatric and elderly patients.
With its proven SideStream five-jet venturi design, SideStream Plus provides a high respirable fraction and shortens treatment times.
The Sami the Seal child-friendly mask is designed to appeal to children and has been shown to reduce aerosol deposition in and around the eyes. Used with SideStream nebulizers, Sami is made of soft, flexible material for comfort and fit. The SideStream Plus adult mask
is recommended for use with the SideStream Plus breath-enhanced nebulizer. The reusable mask is contoured to fit the face.

Advancing technology to help protect your patients with continuous ventilation.

AirLife™ Bypass HME (BHME) technology helps protect your patients with a closed system for continuous ventilation, allowing the delivery of aerosolized medication treatments without breaking the circuit.
Empowering cliniciansto deliver with ease.
One-handed operation enables easy bypass activation, making medication delivery setup simple and efficient while enabling you to confidently deliver medications without sacrificing particle deposition.
Minimizing the risk of patient harm.
Keeping a closed system helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination while reducing the occurrence of lung derecruitment.
Connecting with the continuum.
The AirLife BHME connects you to a growing continuum of solutions for your ventilated patient with convenient single sourcing.

AirLife™ Brand Misty Finity® Continuous Nebulizers
The benefits of continuous nebulization therapy are enhanced with the reliability, flexibility and consistent performance of our Misty Finity® nebulizers. Across multiple patient settings, they enhance the delivery of aerosol therapy for patients within current medication
dosing requirements. They feature easy assembly, spill-resistant caps and built-in IV ports. Multiple sizes and configurations are available.
The large-volume, high-flow nebulizers offer both direct-connect (directly to flow meter) and straight-connect options (connect via oxygen tubing to flow meter). Their 240 mL capacity allows for up to eight hours of therapy.
With both low-flow and high-flow options, the medium-volume nebulizers provide options for both mask and in-line therapy. The lowflow nebulizer allows for up to four hours of therapy; the high-flow nebulizers allow for up to two hours of therapy. All have a capacity
of 30 mL.
The small-volume, low-flow nebulizer allows for up to one hour of therapy at 4 L/min flow rate and two hours of therapy at 2 L/min flow rate. Its capacity is 10 mL.

AirLife™ Mini Compressor
Our mini compressor is small and lightweight for use at home or on the go. The sturdy motor provides effective therapy with quiet operation (60 dBA), comparable to the noise level from conversation. Includes small-volume nebulizer kit.

AirLife™ Tee Adapters
Constructed of clear, break-resistant plastic.

AirLife™ Valved Tee Adapters
Our Valved Tee adapters make it easy to deliver aerosolized medication to your ventilator patients. Used in conjunction with a nebulizer, the Valved Tee adapter offers a safe and convenient way to introduce medication into the circuit.
Unlike other tee adapters that require time-consuming and potentially hazardous breaks in the system, the Valved Tee adapter becomes a permanent part of the ventilator circuit. Its spring-loaded valve opens and closes the circuit during nebulizer insertion and removal.
Because the adapter maintains a closed system, the risk of condensate being accidently sprayed into the air is greatly reduced. Choose from three sizes for placement at different locations in the circuit. With spring-loaded valve and cap. Include 18 mm base.

AirLife™ Infant Nebulizer Tees
Our AirLife™ infant nebulizer tees can be used to convert an adult nebulizer for infant use. Clean and ready to use.


(Download PDF for more information)

AirLife™ Prefilled Humidifier Systems

Filled with sterile water for inhalation, these humidifier systems feature a dual-purpose reservoir with a snap-open trigger, which makes a round opening for secure attachment of a humidifier adapter (available with Humidifier Systems 002620 and AL2702, and also separately). The oxygen pathway is designed to help prevent particulate from reaching oxygen delivery tubing. An audible relief valve warns if the patient’s tubing becomes occluded.
Designed for convenient shelf storage, Compact Humidifier 002620 has a multiangle outlet port that prevents spitting, even at high flow rates, and a small bottle opening that prevents refilling. Includes an adapter and a 4 psi pressure-relief valve with alarm.


AirLife™ Empty Humidifiers
Transparent for maximum clarity, our latex-free AirLife™ empty humidifiers provide an economical alternative to prefilled humidifiers.
These 370 mL capacity units have an audible-alarm pressure-relief valve to warn patient and caregivers of obstructions to flow. Available with either a 3 or 6 psi pressure-relief valve. The 6 psi model is designed for applications where longer lengths of tubing can increase
back pressure. With both the jar and lid constructed of break-resistant plastic, humidifiers also feature an ergonomically designed, durable plastic flowmeter nut.


Hygroscopic Condense Humidifiers (HCHs)
These Hygroscopic Condense Humidifiers (HCHs) capture the patient’s exhaled heat and moisture and return them in the inspired gas. Small and compact, they are specially treated to provide bacteriostatic and hygroscopic benefits. Depending on the tidal volume requirements, select either the adult or small-volume model.


AirLife™ Standard Nasal Cannulas
The AirLife™ cannulas offer an angulated, flexible lip plate, which provides comfort at the tip of the nasal region, with beveled tips to provide a softer edge. Disposable cannulas are curved and are available with flared or nonflared tips. Packaged separately or with varying lengths of oxygen tubing. All supply tubing is crush-resistant to prevent occlusion and kinking.

AirLife™ Adult Low-Flow Mini-Cannulas 

For use with up to 3 L/min of oxygen, our cannulas feature curved, tapered nasal prongs and a one-piece design that eliminates the need for flaps. They come with either 4’ or 7’ of crush-resistant safety supply tubing.

AirLife™ Cushion Nasal Cannulas
These nasal cannulas have a soft, clear design that provides optimum patient comfort. All supply tubing is crush-resistant to prevent occlusion and kinking.

AirLife™ Demand Cannulas
These cannulas feature inspiratory sensing from both lumen, offering innovation in both comfort and effective oxygen delivery for the long-term oxygen therapy patient. They sense patient inspiration and deliver oxygen through both lumens to maintain appropriate oxygen flow even when one nasal cavity is occluded. Made from the same material as the widely used AirLife™ cushion cannula.

AirLife™ Demand Cannulas
These cannulas feature inspiratory sensing from both lumen, offering innovation in both comfort and effective oxygen delivery for the long-term oxygen therapy patient. They sense patient inspiration and deliver oxygen through both lumens to maintain appropriate oxygen flow even when one nasal cavity is occluded. Made from the same material as the widely used AirLife™ cushion cannula.

EtCO2 Sampling Lines
(Salter Labs) Add these sampling lines to Salter Labs’ sampling cannula to increase the length of the CO2 line. The connector type required for your monitor and the connector type on your Salter EtCO2 cannula determine the sample tube configuration to order. Available in 7′, 10′, 15′ and 30′ lengths, and in either male/female or male/male configurations. Easy to install, all lines feature Luer-Lok® ends that provide positive attachment.

Divided EtCO2 Cannulas
(Salter Labs) These cannulas are designed with a permanent barrier in the face piece to allow simultaneous insufflation of oxygen or gaseous analgesia and sampling of end tidal gases. Curved, tapered nasal prongs and face piece provide better anatomical fit for longterm use. Compatible with all systems and modalities prescribed.


AirLife™ Universal Oxygen Nut/Nipple Connector
Our AirLife™ nut/nipple connector can be used to connect oxygen tubing to an oxygen source. To use, simply attach the threaded end of the connector securely to a flowmeter and connect the tubing connector to the outlet stem.

AirLife™ Cannula Ear Cover
Our soft ear cover functions as a cannula support device and is designed to prevent ear chafing. Latex-free. For single patient use.

AirLife™ Oxygen Swivel Connectors
Our AirLife™ oxygen swivel connectors are a convenient way to connect oxygen supply tubing.

AirLife™ Inline Water Trap
Our AirLife™ inline water trap is for use with oxygen tubing. For single patient use.

AirLife™ Oxygen Catheters
These catheters are available in two different sizes to suit your needs.


AirLife™ Oxygen Tubing Connector
Our AirLife™ oxygen tubing connector connects tubing with an inner diameter between 5 and 7 mm.


AirLife™ Nonconductive Bacterial/Viral-Retentive Filter
AirLife™ disposable respiratory filter traps bacteria and viral particles by electrostatic attraction and its dense makeup. Small, lightweight and translucent, our hydrophobic filter resists moisture and offers easy visualization of water buildup.

AirLife™ HEPA Filter
Our AirLife™ HEPA filter offers low flow resistance and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration efficiency to enable your patient to breathe easier. It is a nonconductive hydrophobic HEPA filter with 22/15 mm male/female and 22 mm female ASTM conical connectors and a transparent housing that allows for visualization of secretion accumulation or potential occlusions.


AirLife™ Oxygen Masks
AirLife™ disposable oxygen masks are latex-free and made from soft, high-grade vinyl resins. The smooth, feathered edges are designed for patient comfort while reducing irritation points. AirLife™ oxygen masks are designed for anatomical compatibility. A full range is available to meet all requirements in infant, pediatric and adult sizes.
AirLife™ 3-in-1 masks are packaged as high-concentration, nonrebreathing masks complete with reservoir bags and one-way valves.

Dual Dial™ Venturi-Style Masks
Utilizing two oxygen concentration dials, our Venturi-style masks deliver nine specific oxygen concentrations ranging from 24% to 55% O2. They accomodate pediatric and adult patients. Each mask comes complete with 7′ of crush-resistant oxygen tubing, 6″ flextube,
color-coded low and medium concentration dials, a high-humidity adapter and a humidification hood. For use with 50 psi oxygen source and flowmeter


Venturi-Style Masks
We offer a wide selection of standard Venturi-style masks that feature six diluter jets ranging from 24% to 50% FiO2. The masks are available with various oxygen diluters to accommodate pediatric or adult patients. All masks are under-the-chin style and are supplied with 6″ flextube, humidification hood and 7′ tubing. We also offer a Venturistyle mask with a tracheostomy mask.


AirLife™ Resuscitation Devices
Reliable and affordable, our disposable resuscitation devices answer your contamination concerns in today’s healthcare environment. Our devices feature a low-profi le textured bag, manometer port, double-swivel elbow, removable accumulator and U/Connect-It® fitting for easy connection to an oxygen source. Available with or without PEEP valve.


AirLife™ Volumetric Incentive Spirometers
Our AirLife™ volumetric incentive spirometers simplify deep breathing therapy with an intuitive design that prompts patients to correctly perform and monitor their own breathing exercises, even without direct supervision. A patient goal indicator can be adjusted and allows patients to monitor their own progress. Dual-sided calibrations clearly identify achieved volumes of up to 4,000 mL capacity. The flexible tubing lets the patient adjust the mouthpiece for use in various positions, and a mouthpiece holder provides storage when not in use.
Available with or without one-way valve.