It is the Mission of Crosswell International to save lives by providing the developing world with the medical related products and knowledge to obtain a higher health and hygiene standard at the right price. Our kind, cultured, and qualified staff will help motivate, train, and add to the overall value of our customers and suppliers in their respective countries.”

Crosswell is a U.S. corporation with offices and/or associate distributors in most of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Crosswell began its operations in 1990 and it is the direct heir of Carewell International, a founder company with 35 years’ experience in the medical supplies and personal care products fields. The company is presently staffed with expert personnel and physicians trained in the U.S. and abroad who support the management of Crosswell’s own offices and its associates in different parts of the world.

Crosswell has been the exclusive distributor, international marketing arm, and Exports Department for companies such as TDK Electronics Corp., Weyerhaeuser, Hospital Specialty Co., Griffin Medical Products, Ferndale, Birchwood Labs, Cardinal Health, Care Fusion, Birchwood Labs, 3M, and B. Braun. The company’s sales reached $37 million in 1999, $50 million in 2000, and $57 million in 2001 in spite of the difficult political and economic conditions of Latin American countries.

Crosswell International’s expertise rests in capturing every business opportunity, sometimes difficult to get for a U.S. manufacturer. Large inventories based throughout Latin America and the Caribbean Free Zones allow us to deliver promptly and without delay to government leads. A goal of Crosswell is to be “an added value to the manufacturer’s exports system.”

Our Department of Developing Markets, headed by Dr. Antonio M. Visiola, M.D., works with U.S. trained physicians who volunteer free training to doctors and institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean on the advantages and proper uses of our products. Through educating foreign institutions, we have been able to significantly expand our sales spectrum and reach untapped markets in our industry.

Crosswell is responsible for the introduction of the Medivac TM, suction systems in most Latin American countries, which significantly reduced the rampant infection of AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other transferable diseases during surgery.

Dr. Lans’ contributions in the academic field have reached worldwide recognitions as one of the first companies to introduce disposable supplies in Latin America. The following link includes seventeen pages of the official textbook used in all of the U.S. and Canadian universities for International Business Schools, Multinational Business Finance, which dedicates an entire chapter to Crosswell International’s techniques and successes in developing export markets in Latin America with full payment guarantees to the U.S. supplier. This article may give you a broader idea of our business activity and experience in the international arena.

Under the leadership of the Dr. Hector Lans, President of Crosswell, and the Lans Family, Crosswell International is recognized as a leading international distributor in the industry.

For more details, please feel free to visit our offices at 101 Madeira Avenue in Coral Gables, FL and our Freight Forwarding warehouses in the Miami Free Zone area.