Crosswell International is a US corporation specialized in the area of commercialization of first quality “Made in  USA” products in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

Based in Miami with over 250,000 square feet of conveniently located warehouses in  the Miami International Airport area, Crosswell’s expertise is helping those commercial groups who are trying to start and develop a new system of wholesale trade in each respective country.

Offering highly demanded personal care, health and hygiene products, and other  disposable consumer goods, on both, Crosswell’s controlled  labels and US national  brands, many of them exclusively distributed by Crosswell International Corporation, such as: Baby and Adult Disposable diapers and wet wipes, Disposable Medical Supplies of different types.

Crosswell  coordinates the logistics  of shipments, negotiates competitive freight rates with the shipping lines, hand loads the containers and sells its own production as well as the ones of the main US manufacturers it represents.

We act as a manufacturer in some cases, as a buyer and distributor in others, guaranteed payments to the US manufacturer and a correct shipment according to the specific instructions given by our customers.