Since 1973, DeRoyal has been a leader and an innovator in the healthcare industry. Throughout the years, technology has changed the way companies do business, and DeRoyal has responded to the challenge. From its humble beginnings as a cottage industry, DeRoyal has grown into an international corporation with over 29 locations worldwide.

DeRoyal manufactures a diverse group of quality healthcare products worldwide.

DeRoyal is behind everything from the number one orthopedic hospital brand to online tools that power the medical industry.

DeRoyal is involved in the manufacture, distribution, sales and marketing of Acute Care and OEM medical products. Additionally, DeRoyal has a strong manufacturing, sales and marketing presence in South andCentral America.

DeRoyal is proud to be the largest supplier of orthopedic softgoods to clinics and hospitals in the nation. A commitment to quality and customer service has earned the company a reputation for being a high quality manufacturer of medical supplies.

  • Orthopedic Products: Finger, hand, wrist, elbow, Shoulder and back, Knee, ankle, foot, Fracture Bracing, Cold/Hot therapy, Hip kits; mobility and protection
  • Acute Care: Cautery pencil, CPT Optimizer, Surgical tray solutions, Retractable Safety Scalpel, Waste Fluid Management
  • Wound Care: Algidex Dressing, Jetox Dressing, Multidex Dressing, Oil Emulsion Dressing, Xeroform Dressing