Main product line of Cardinal Health..

  1. Fluid collection systems Medivac mark: They consist in cartridges (spider or skeleton), canisters (baskets) and liners or cartridges. This line is of essential use in the surgical suite for collecting patient fluids (blood, serum, etc..). Is the line made famous Cardinal. In Colombia, for example, we were the first to bring this product with Baxter Laboratories. This type of product controls the level of infection in the surgical suite, isolating one-way flow of fluid from the patient. In several countries the introduction of this product line significantly reduced contamination of infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, as well as other infectious diseases. There canisters or baskets of red cap and blue cap or different capacities according to their specific use. The spider is the part that holds or where they hang the canisters with the respective driving hoses fluids. In many cases the dealer gives on loan. It’s really the least number in use, and holding 4 cartridges or baskets, which in turn carries a liner or cartridge each, the latter being the most rotation. Are used between 4 and 12 in each surgery. Liners or cartridges directly lead to pathology or disposal. Specimen there are also traps that collect a small sample and take it to the lab without having to move the entire liner. Liners are one of the most efficient in the world gain and Cardinal Health is a global leader thereof
  2. Sterile surgical gloves: Another major lines Cardinal Health. Brands Triflex, Esteem and Protexis latter recently created are undoubtedly the most desired gloves by surgeons because of its high level hypo-allergenic, powder and high strength to protect the professional.
  3. Wound Drains Jackson Pratts brand: No doubt the most used wound drainage and required by physicians and surgeons.
  4. Packages clothes Convertors or surgery for medical specialty: Tiburón brand with innovative SMS enabling the fabric to breathe fresh and to prevent the passage or blood contact the patient to the surgeon. There for all types of art, such as: general surgery, orthopedics, OB-Ostetra, etc..