1-Esteem Powder-Free Synthetic Polysoprene Surgical Gloves with Neu-Thera Treatment

Now our world-class Esteem® surgical gloves are available with our proprietary Neu-Thera® formulation. Designed for and tested by health-care professionals, the Neu-Thera® formulation protects hands from moisture loss, restores smooth texture and healthy condition of hands, moisturizes  skin for deep-down relief and soothes dry, flaking and irritated skin. These gloves are proven to improve the condition of clinicians’ skin. A recognized team of scientists and dermatologists spent years selecting and testing ingredient combinations that would deliver maximum benefits for dermal conditioning. 50 pairs of gloves per box, four boxes (200 pairs) per case.

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2-Esteem® Powder-Free Synthetic Polyisoprene Surgical Gloves

. The world’s leading polyisoprene surgical glove.
. lndistinguishable from latex in fit, feel and performance.

Formulated with synthetic polyisoprene using a proprietary manufacturing technology, these gloves offer the fit, feel and performance of latex gloves without the allergens and impurities found in natural rubber latex. Esteem® gloves conform immediately to your hand for a soft and comfortable fit while providing exceptional strength and performance. 100% visually inspected for defects, gloves have an AQL of 1.09 or less and feature an average finger thickness of 1 1.4 mil. Length: 12”. 40 pairs of gloves per box, five boxes (200 pairs) per case.

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3-Protegrity® Micro SMT Powder-Free Latex Surgical Gloves

. Advanced post-forming technology and light chlorination create an exceptional grip with outstanding tactile sensitivity.
. Triple-dipping technology creates bonded layers for unparalleled barrier integrity.
. Surface modification technology (SMT) for a thinner, smoother glove.

Constructed with advanced triple-dip bonding technology, our gloves are ideal for delicate procedures requiring extra dexterity and precision. Their natural rubber latex outer layer provides a soft feel, high tensile strength and good elasticity. The inner layer is nitrile (nonlatex), which provides effortless  donning as well as outstanding durability and protection. The specially formulated middle layer is a blend of nitrile (nonlatex) and natural rubber latex that enhances the adhesion of the inner and outer layers. 12” average length; 7.1 mil average finger thickness.
Caution: This Product Contains Natural Rubber Latex Which May Cause Allergic Reactions. Safe use of this glove by or on latex-sensitized individuals has not been established.
40 pairs of gloves per box, five boxes (200 pairs) per case.

(Protegrity® Micro SMT Surgical Gloves)

4-Esteem® Latex-Free Exam Qloves With Neu-Thera® Formulation

Our Esteem® exam gloves with Neu-Thera® formulation are powder-free and can actually improve the condition of your skin while you work. The soft, stretchy material performs like latex and conforms to your hand quickly, helping to facilitate freedom of movement and tactile sensitivity for superior comfort. The Neu-Thera® formulation will help moisturize and soothe dry, flaking and irritated skin, actually restoring the damage done by repeated scrubbing.

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5-Esteem Stretchy Nitrile Exam Gloves

. No DEHP.
. Specially formulated synthetic stretchy nitrile for the comfort and flexibility of natural latex.

Our powder-free ambi exam gloves combine comfort and a precision fit with excellent puncture resistance, making them ideal for use throughout your facility. The special stretchy nitrile (nonlatex) formulation recovers shape quickly and effectively and molds to the hand for a comfortable fit. Esteem@ stretchy textured gloves have a smooth surface and textured fingers. Esteem® stretchy microtextured gloves have a microtextured surface. A long, secure beaded cuff safeguards the hand and wrist against spills and splashes while assisting in easy donning and inhibiting rolldown.
These gloves meet ASTM F1671 standard for bacteriophage penetration. Available as nonsterile singles in dispenser box.

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6-Esteem® Stretchy Synthetic Exam Gloves

. Contain no natural rubber latex proteins or allergens.
. Polymer emulsion coating for outstanding strength and donnability.

For an ideal nonlatex alternative, choose our Esteem® powder-free synthetic vinyl gloves. They offer the fit, feel and appearance of natural rubber latex in a latex-free formulation. Created with an exclusive nonlatex material and polymer emulsion coating, the gloves feature a soft, stretchy feel that provides the comfort, total dexterity and added durability required for your everyday protection. A beaded cuff helps prevent rolldown. Gloves meet or exceed ASTM D5250 strength requirements. 9.6” average length; 8.4 mil average finger thickness.

(Esteem® Surgical Gloves pdf)