Crosswell International Tire Company is a subsidiary of Crosswell International Corporation dedicated to supplying superior quality tires to Latin America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. at a low cost to the end user. It directly represents various leaders of the tire industry within the areas of North America, South America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Crosswell also works in conjunction with government agencies to reduce pollution by recycling rubber from used tires to manufacture rubber-based products. Our Crosswell brand offers an enhanced and personalized customer care meanwhile maintaining a highly competitive performance when compared to today’s market leaders.

Our purpose is to enrich the journey to all of life’s experiences. Tires move us through our most defining roads and bear the weight of our daily responsibilities. We apply this mindset to every aspect of our business, especially within the development and design our tire. Every element that would eventually become part of the compound that is our pneumatic is analytically studied and measured to maximize our customer’s comfort, stability, safety, and experience. We also work hand in hand with each of our authorized distributors to meet their needs by offering personalized client care services and regional market protection, which helps guarantee our customer’s accessibility, support, and purchase experience.